CityGate is a new non-denominational Church, located near the Kalamazoo Airport. We have a dream to be a community of people who follow Jesus, support one another, and serve our community. Our aim is to be inviting to people who have never visited a church, or have had a negative experience with the church. At CityGate Church, we keep it simple. Sundays are for celebrating. We celebrate our relationship with God and one another. We preach what the bible teaches, the music is genuine, the coffee is local, and the people are awesome. If you are looking for a new church in the Portage/Kalamazoo area, we are the place to be.  

Nervous about visiting a church? CityGate will make it easy for you!

What are people experiencing?

"My husband and I attended this new church for the first time this past Sunday and we enjoyed it! Very upbeat, modern and a great service of our GOD. Pastor John is great, such a nice welcoming church!!"

"The church is warm and inviting. Pastor John is amazing, and I have learned a lot from his sermons as well as enjoyed them! I love the emphasis on community and relationships."

"Citygate is VERY welcoming and friendly. We enjoyed our visit!"

"I felt very welcomed and very relaxed. Loved the music and the teaching. Freedom to worship"